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MPLS Network for Cookes Furniture Group

CookesCookes Furniture Group are a long standing Managed Comms customer. In 2007 Managed comms delivered a Bonded ADSL managed VPN which was used to connect Cookes Furniture’s network of stores.

Following a regular account management visit to discuss potential changes to Cookes requirements. Managed Comms proposed upgrading the Cookes network to a leased line MPLS network. The proposal was designed to future proof their network. It made the MPLS network highly scalable. Speed could be flexed up and additional sites easily added. Most importantly for Cookes the MPLS Network supported the imminent move to VoIP telephone system.

Managed Comms are excited to be extending an already a long standing customer relationship with Cookes. The advanced MPLS network will include CoS/QoS for the VoIP telephony. The MPLS network will see immediate benefits in performance and scalability, whilst helping to reduce the cost of overall comms spend by reducing the reliance on costly PSTN/ISDN circuits.

Senior Account Manager, Carl Boughton commented “Looking after our existing customers is at the top of our performance metrics at Managed Comms and it is great when we are able to work with customers like Cookes to take advantage of our ability to constantly improve our service, whilst maintaining, if not reducing operational costs”.

“Our approach to pro-active account management and our consultative approach has given Managed Comms the chance to provide Cookes with a network that we believe covers all possible requirements for many years to come.”

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