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Sealord Caistor upgrades from Bonded ADSL to 100Mbps Fibre


Sealord originally came to Managed Comms two years ago in order to improve their internet connection speeds, which were slow on the basis of where they are located in Lincolnshire. Managed Comms originally provided a Bonded ADSL service, which improved their speeds and met the initial need.

However, with new IT developments, Sealord are now looking to move more of their services into the Cloud and as a result need even more bandwidth and so have chosen Managed Comms again to upgrade them to a 100Mbps Fibre Ethernet service.

Dean Whiley – Sales Director commented “we are really pleased to continue our relationship with Sealord Caistor, but this was by no means a given. As with all our customers, we feel we had supported them well on their Bonded ADSL service, but we still had to compete and put forward a cost effective 100Mbps fibre solution, it wasn’t just going to be ¬†given to us. We look forward to the next few years of working together with them“.

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