More bandwidth, faster speed, better reliability and enhanced resilience – bonded ADSL by Managed Communications offers your business these benefits and more.

In addition, get the bonded experts in your business. We were the market innovators for bonding ADSL and bonded SDSL. We created the proposition in the UK after identifying a gap in the market between single ADSL links and leased line solutions. Over eight years of research and development have led to a highly stable, cost effective bandwidth solution for your business.

What is Bonded ADSL?

Bonded ADSL takes multiple internet connections and creates a single virtual connection. ADSL bonding is a complex operation with many potential pitfalls but essentially it offers increased physical upload and download capability and is a credible alternative to replacing leased lines.

Managed Communications have developed advanced ADSL bonding technology allowing multiple ADSL lines to be bonded to create larger internet pipes. ADSL bonding offers increased speed, reliability, flexibility and resilience as well as a 99.9% SLA.

How do we supply the bonded ADSL service?

Managed Communications has invested a considerable amount of research and design in bonding ADSL to develop and perfect our solution over the past five years. Our ADSL solution uses a variety of IP layer and virtual tunnelling protocols in our core bonded ADSL network, creating multi-path network links back to our central carrier-grade datacentre infrastructure. This approach has proven to be both stable and fast to use. Many of our customers across the UK now enjoy faster speeds than they previously thought possible at a far lower cost than a leased line.

How does the bonded ADSL service integrate with my network?

Managed Communications’ ADSL bonding service is enabled via our carrier-grade Gigabit network infrastructure. We bond both with hardware and at the IP layer, depending on the bonded ADSL scenario and all setups include:

  1. An ADSL router per link
  2. A customer premises ADSL bonding device
  3. An enterprise carrier grade ADSL bonding device in our datacentre

Our solution sits on the edge of your network and remains remotely managed by Managed Communications. Our business ADSL service is designed for business users who want reliability, speed, resilience and flexibility from their business ADSL provider. We can tailor a bonded ADSL package to suit your individual business needs, offering a bespoke network specifically designed to take care of your speed, security and accessibility requirements.

What speeds can I achieve with Bonded ADSL?

Most of our bonded ADSL customers are using two, three or four bonded ADSL circuits, but some customers have bonded up to 16 lines. Speeds vary depending on your specific setup but as a general rule each circuit should maintain the total sum of its individual ADSL circuit parts. For example, if your bonded network comprises four 8Mbps ADSL lines, the resulting speed should be around 32Mbps.

Using Bonded ADSL, you can have a credible alternative to a leased line service.

Where can the service be used?

Our ADSL bonding solution was designed to enable organisations to make more use of ADSL technology, especially where distance limitations meant only slow ADSL speeds could be achieved. Our bonded ADSL solutions make lines reach further and increase performance at the same time. A leased line can also be deployed in such circumstances but bonded ASDL is an infinitely cheaper solution providing comparable speed and reliability.

Businesses tend to use ADSL bonding where they need faster uploads and downloads, for applications such as VOIP. Bonded ADSL is ideal for uploading large file sizes at key sites, where many users may be accessing IT systems, or simply as a cost-effective replacement for leased lines.

Can I add more lines to my solution?

Yes, flexibility is built in which allows for additional lines to be added to the service. If another line is required we simply provision the ADSL on an analogue line and add the link to the MPV. Increasing the number of lines in the bonded ADSL circuit will increase the overall speed and provide greater upload and download capacity.

What is ADSL Max Bonding?

Business ADSL MAX is a faster bonded ADSL technology which improves the speed of bandwidth available to your business. Businesses who buy business ADSL MAX typically want faster download and upload speeds from their business ADSL connection.

Business ADSL MAX is the fastest variant of bonded ADSL but Managed Communications can further increase the available speed to you by combining several business ADSL MAX circuits.

Can bonded DSL help my broadband speed?

Yes, you can get the speed you want with business ADSL. Increase the available speed of your ADSL by bonding several business ADSL circuits. Bond broadband circuits – x 2, x 3 and x 4 the upload and download speed of business broadband. Find out more here about bonded broadband.

What speed can you achieve from bonded ADSL?

Managed Communications has pushed ADSL upload technology to deliver up to 4Mbps upload.

This new, exclusive increased ADSL upload technology means that the speed of ADSL upload can be increased to support applications such as VOIP or VPNs.

Are there issues with MLPPP?

BT no longer supports MLPPP (or multilink point to point protocol) due to changes at the core of its network. This has rendered many bonded ADSL and bonded SDSL solutions offered by service providers incompatible with the BT network.

Managed Communications are one of the only UK service providers offering an alternative to MLPPP for bonding ADSL and bonding SDSL.

Bonded ADSL success stories

A range of different companies have chosen to subscribe to a bonded ADSL line. Organisations as diverse as Birmingham City Council and Nectar Cards have chosen to transfer their digital information via a bonded ADSL package due to the overwhelming benefits of the service.

Bonded ADSL customers often choose the service as a cost-effective alternative to a leased line. Indeed, a bonded ADSL solution substantially increases the upload and downloads speeds of a connection; an incredible 4Mbps upload rates are available with a Managed Communications service.

Many subscribers have also been quick to praise the reliability of a bonded ADSL connection. These lines are guaranteed at 100 per cent SLA, ensuring organisations receive the speeds which have been promised. Other feedback from customers include positive comments regarding the quick installation and flexibility of the service.

Full bonded ADSL support

Current bonded ADSL customers enjoy a 24-hour support service from Managed Communications. Those subscribers with a question about their line can contact the team at Managed Communications during working hours on 0870 903 4645 for live technical support with a trained technician.

Alternatively, bonded ADSL customers can talk to one of our experienced team via the Managed Communications ‘live chat’ feature. This instant messaging service gives subscribers the opportunity to quiz a trained technician on everything from bonded ADSL to leased lines. This feature is very popular with those subscribers who have a simple query about their connection.

Furthermore, Managed Communications customers can also enjoy access to an exclusive technical support centre online. Bonded ADSL subscribers have access to up-to-the-minute technical information about service updates. We are proud of our reputation as a rapid-response company and the Managed Communications team will respond to any enquiry as soon as possible.

Contact Managed Communications for a bonded ADSL quote

Managed Communications has a dedicated team of support staff who are on hand to discuss any questions you may have regarding bonded ADSL. Contact Managed Communications today to find out what bonded ADSL can offer you or to receive a free quotation.

Broadband bonding explained

Bonded ADSL speeds are only possible due to the process of broadband bonding . In simple terms, this means combining multiple ADSL or SDSL lines, resulting in a connection with increased reliability and speed. This single data flow, made of several unique lines, has huge bandwidth potential.

The advantage of this unified data flow is that the download and upload speeds can be incredibly fast. It’s secure too: if one of the bonded lines goes down, the others will not fail automatically. Businesses can add or remove lines at their discretion, depending on their needs, thanks to bonded ASDSL’s flexibility. We’ve got so much confidence in our broadband bonding, we guarantee our packages at 99.9 per cent SLA.

Compared to other high-speed internet solutions, broadband bonding is relatively unobtrusive and easy to install. One of our trained technicians will install your bonded ADSL in next to no time, and will always be on hand for your queries or problems.

Bonded ADSL can be an alternative to:

  • Leased lines
  • SDSL bonding
  • Internet at normal speeds

However, with so many factors to consider, it’s important not to forget the most important thing: speed. Astonishingly, some businesses have achieved connection speeds as high as 72Mbps, and upload speeds of between 1 and 8 Mbps. Although we bond a maximum of 16 circuits, most organisations get the desired effect with just two or three.


Over the past few years, Managed Communications has strived to forge a reputation for quality. Our mission is, and has always been, to deliver great value communications solutions, backed up by unparalleled customer support. This means that although our leased lines and bonded ADSL services are considerably cheaper than competitors such as BT, you can rest assured that we haven’t skimped on quality.

We have cut costs in many ways. Firstly, we use our bulk buying power, and source from a single supplier, so we get a great deal on hardware and tools. Secondly, we bypass any extra charges from BT by not using their telephone exchanges. Thirdly, in some cases we won’t charge you for installation – some of our products arrive on a pre-configured router, with software that can easily be installed by a business owner. But best of all, a faster data connection can really speed up your business as a whole, and as we all know, time is money!

Once you’ve installed your bonded ADSL, we aim to provide rapid-response customer support from trained technicians. All our support staff are UK-based and answer quickly. If you ever have a problem with your business broadband connection, we’ll deal with it as quickly and efficiently as possible, because we’re well aware of how important data transfer is to a business. Of course, it’s rare that any customer needs our help, as proven by our 99.9% Service Level Agreement.

To find out more about how we help and support customers, or to discover first-hand our reputation for quality, you can read testimonials from past and current Managed Comms clients on our website.