What is a Fibre Leased Line?

Leased Line is still the most frequently used term for these services, but actually what most people are talking about  is a Fibre Ethernet circuit. Leased Line is older terminology that has stuck, but broadly the request is for a dedicated 1:1 fibre ethernet circuit which are typically connected over a 100Mb or 1Gb bearer.

Leased lines are the most robust, resilient and  reliable internet access technology in the UK. The SLA’s are outstanding and if your business relies on connectivity, then these are the most bullet proof services you can receive.

Due the the use of the Ethernet protocol (over Fibre), traffic can be controlled over these lines easily, ensuring that if you want to run voice and data over a single connection, the voice element can be protected by dedicating a specific level of bandwidth to voice traffic and data traffic using the rest. This can be done for voice, or for any specific critical application data that you might want prioritising.

Managed Comms is the most competitive provider of Leased Lines or Fibre Ethernet connections in the UK due to our ability to leverage our buying power with our partners (BT Wholesale, Virgin Media Business, Vodafone Cable & Wireless, TalkTalk Business, Openreach) we can offer best in class connectivity solutions for market leading pricing.

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