MPLS – (Multi Layer Protocol Switching)

MPLS is a protocol, rather than a type of network. However, most people these days refer to a network that employs MPLS as an MPLS Network. With the ongoing reduction in the cost of access technologies (ADSL, FTTC, Fibre Ethernet, EFM, Leased Lines) MPLS networks are becoming more affordable and no longer the domain of the giants of industry. Managed Comms is delivering MPLS based networks for Electrical Wholesalers to Legal Firms alike.

Any type of DSL, Fibre or Ethernet circuit can be connected within an MPLS network. With typically 6-8 levels of CoS (Class of Service) that can be applied, the ability to prioritise your traffic and optimise your network is one of the key benefits of MPLS.

An MPLS network can also present the opportunity to centralise your internet breakout,  making access to the internet highly resilient, with no office on the network being the single point fo failure.

Similarly, with an MPLS network, you have the  opportunity to centralise your firewall/threat management device(s), ensuring that firewall, content and web filtering policies can be consistent across all sites, with the need to replicate policies locally a thing of the past.


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Who is an MPLS Network for?

  • Customers who require a Point to Point connection over a large distance, or to international location(s)
  • Customers who have multiple sites that need to communicate quickly and securely with each other, or access centralised systems quickly and securely
  • Customers who need to optimise the performance of their network without relying on custom built VPN’s and multiple CPE’s (firewalls/routers)

What are the benefits of an MPLS Network / PWAN?

  • Fast and secure data passing across the network (site to site – PWAN) or out to the internet
  • Ability to implement COS (prioritise classes of data  e.g. applications or voice) ensuring critical business applications perform optimally
  • Add new sites simply and easily into your existing MPLS network
  • Centralised internet transit is extremely cost effective and can be shared across all office within the network
  • Potential to have a hosted/centralised firewall with the ability to manage group policies on a single managed device
  • Highly resilient structure ensuring any single circuit fault/failure does not affect other sites