Cloud Hosting

All cloud hosting providers will tell you the following:

It’s a virtual cloud hosting environment

We have servers, racks and a cloud hosting centre. These components create the virtual cloud hosting environment.

It’s secure

Your data, applications will be safe here. we have security, resilient power, multiple internet feeds.

It’s highly flexible and easy to scale

Add severs and computing power at the click of a mouse. If you need to flex its easy.

You can afford it

You no longer need to buy servers and employ hardware engineers. You’ll make cost savings sharing infrastructure with cloud hosting.

Why Use Managed Comms Cloud Platform?

  1. Industry Expertise & Planning - We have the skills and experience to help you understand what services you can legitimately move to the cloud and provide you with a migration plan that maintains business continuity, is delivered within budget and doesn’t suck the entire IT resource of your company into a single project.
  2. UK Tier III+ Datacentres - Our Cloud platform is located/replicated between our primary Tier III+ North West and London based datacentres with N+N resilience in most areas. Based in the UK only, your data, or your customers’ data will never be held off-shore.
  3.  Best in Class Technology – Our Cloud platform is built upon Cisco blades, VMware and NetApp technology. It is truly best in class. If you want it resilient and easy to use/scale, you won’t find a better platform.
  4. Our own Network – Our datacentres are connected upon our own multi-10Gb diverse network. We will manage the connection right from source to your site without hopping anywhere.
  5. On-site NOC Engineers – We employ our own staff to manage our facilities and customers instances and we trust them implicitly. We run truly experienced 24/7 support and engineering services.
  6. Connect into our advanced leased line network


But most importantly we’ll give you an honest appraisal as to whether Cloud is right for you, and help you begin the process of specifying how you get there.

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