Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IP-VPN)

IP-VPN is essentially the creation of a closed IP network. Effectively fibre or broadband circuits (or a mix of both) are brought onto a core network that then routes traffic between sites across this closed network.

It’s fast and secure as traffic never traverses the Internet at any point, it is literally point to point traffic.

What are the benefits of IP-VPN?

The benefits are numerous, but it all depends on what you are trying to acheive as an organisation, but the downward trend of cost of access technologies has brought IP-VPN into the reach of more and more customers. Broadly the benefits are:

  • Prioritise site to site traffic, both voice and data (QoS/CoS)
  • Fast and secure connections due to traffic within a closed group
  • Mix most cost effective access technology (FTTC, EFM etc) & carrier (BT, Virgin) at each location
  • Quickly and easily add  new sites into the core VPN
  • Connect off-site servers at Datacentres simply

Why Managed Comms?

  • We own and operate our own core, multi-10Gb network
  • We have outstanding leverage with last mile  carriers (BT Wholesale, Virgin, C&W, TTB)
  • We have our own in-house support and CCNA/CNNP qualified NOC Engineers
  • We use best in class hardware (Cisco Routers & Cisco/Juniper Firewalls)
  • We operate a UK based, 24/7/365 support centre
  • We have award winning Account Management


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