CloudSelect Voice

Our high definition voice solution is hosted and managed by Managed Comms, we effectively relieve you of ownership of hardware, beyond the handsets. No more heavy duty PBX’s taking up space in your communications room, or the need to have an Engineer visit each time you want to add a single handset.

The CloudSelect solutions is an IP based voice solution, so not only do you reduce the capital outlay in hardware, you can also run the voice communication over a fibre leased line, EFM, FTTC or ADSL line, so reducing the number of line rentals you pay.

Managed Comms also has some of the lowest call tarrifs in the UK, regardless of the volume of calls you are making.

What are the core benefits of Hosted Voice?

Minimal Cost - the IP platforms are hosted in out highly secure and resilient UK datacentres, so the only equipment you will have at your offices is a managed router, Power Over Ethernet (POE) switch and a choice of either Cisco or Polycom handsets.

Flexibility – Our hosted Voice solution is a modular and priced on the number of users you require. Functionality can be applied to specific users or user groups (i.e. Voice Mail, Call Recording etc) so you only switch on the functions you need. With concurrent calls being managed by an allocation of bandwidth, increasing call capacity can be done within hours and at very little additional cost.

ControlVia a secure web portal, customers have the ability to control functions and features and arrange groups or departments withing the system. So you control how you want call routing or hunt groups to work and you can modify these quickly and easily. Similarly, you can apply disaster recovery to route calls to alternate offices or devices as necessary in the event of an outage.

Further Benefits

  • Number Porting – keep your numbers wherever you go, whenver you go!
  • Scalability – add users quickly and cheaply
  • CRM/CTI Integration – integrate leading CRM applications and your PC
  • Managed Solution – our 24/5/365 Networkk Operations Centre will proactively support you
  • Resilience – automatically divert calls to alternate destinations in the event of a disaster
  • Free ‘On-net’ Calls – site to site calls are all on-net, so are free of charge!

Speak to a Hosted Voice expert on 0800 075 4433 and start saving on your telephony costs now!